Goodwood Oval Reference GroupThis site documents what is happening with the picturesque Goodwood Oval. The site is coming under increased pressure as all groups place more and more demands on the limited resources of the grounds and facilities. The groups being: 

  • dog owners 
  • local residents
  • personal trainers
  • the lease holding sporting clubs

The Goodwood Oval Complex in Adelaide South Australia has been described as the "jewel in the crown" by a senior councillor when describing the importance of the facility that belongs in the City of Unley.

It is home to several sporting clubs, is a popular recreational area for walkers and dog owners and just a great place for a stroll.

The oval is managed in part by GORG [Goodwood Oval Reference Group]. GORG comprises of representatives from the sporting clubs that make Goodwood Oval their home [Forestville Hockey Club, Tennis SA, Goodwood Cricket Club & Goodwood Saints Football Club], representatives of the Unley Council, the elected local councillors and four resident representatives from the local area.

GORG meets four times per year to discuss matters pertaining to the use and management of the complex.

This website is a resource for residents so that they can view the latest developments and to make their views known.