Dec 2, 2015
GORG minutes

Warwick Potts [Goodwood Cricket Club]
Cr. Bob Schnell
Michael Raphael [RR]
Greg Willson [RR]
Cr. Jennie Boisvert
Peter Schembri [Forestville Hockey Club]
John Friend [Tennis SA Millswood Tennis Complex]
John Wilkinson [Council]
Katia Ferrar [RR]


Cr. Don Palmer
Kent Thiele
Joy Mundy
Glen Watson
Jeff Emmel


Minutes from previous meeting
Vodafone tower rejection
Club reports
Other business

1. As it has been 6 months since the last meeting the minutes from the June meeting were read through. The unanimously adopted Constitution was questioned by Cr Schnell about its relavancy and what it contained. This lead to a longer than expected discussion about whether we should have one at all given the more distant position the Council now takes with reference groups and that we do not as group collect funds or pass motions. We agreed that the Constitution as young as it is, is probably redundant and should be looked at. It was agreed that John W and Greg W will get together and draft a new document for the group.

2. Another long discussion over the recent rejection by Council of the telecommunications tower proposed by Vodafone was enjoyed by all. There was agreement that the correct decision was made by the DAP and that we were impressed to see democracy in action at the local level.

3. Cricket - Warwick P said that the cricket club has an almost full membership now with 7 senior and 9 junior teams. They sought and won from Council a change in their lease arrangements to Friday night training for junior teams with the view to encourage more interactivity between parents. The bar is open and a BBQ is cooking and Warwick said there is a lot more involvement occurring now.

Peter S for hockey: Forestville Club is still looking for a new home. Hockey also has a full membership. They have 11 junior teams today where only a few seasons ago they only had 4. Peter complained about dog droppings not being picked by owners. They have training commencing in January and would like to not have to find droppings by accident.

John F tennis: also very busy with facilities running at full capacity. John is very proud of their most successful player to date Charlotte Kempenaers-Pocz, who is now 12 and spends a considerable part of her year now in the USA. Charlotte regularly plays against young adult women in a competitive manner. John complained about a court that has been damaged by tree roots. The matter is being looked into. Players are complaining and could be a safety issue. The main news from Goodwood Saints Tennis Club is their quest to become a limited licensed venue is progressing after a few years of background work. Agreements albeit informal has been reached from the three main stakeholders, Tennis SA, Unley Council and Goodwood Oval Complex [the lease holder]. The way is now clear to apply for the liquor license. As part of the application there will be a community consultation phase.

GSFC: no report.

4. John W for Council handed out some printed matter that promotes an Active Unley. The booklet details 21 things you can do in Unley.

Next meeting Mar 9, 2016.