Mar 9, 2016
GORG minutes

  • new constitution
  • resident rep elections
  • surgery on significant tree
  • liquor license for tennis

Jeff Emmel [Goodwood Cricket Club]
Cr. Bob Schnell
Cr. Don Palmer
Greg Willson [RR]
Joy Mundy [RR]
Glen Watson [RR]
John Friend [Tennis SA Millswood Tennis Complex]


Cr. Jennie Boisvert
Michael Raphael [RR]
John Wilkinson [Council]
Peter Schembri [Forestville Hockey Club]
Kent Thiele [Tennis SA]

The issue of the Groups' Constitution was raised again by Greg W. It was agreed that from here on we will call the soon to be formulated document "Group Guildelines". We are an informal group and the term "Constitution" does not sit well and would overstate its importance.

Draft Group Guidelines
During the meeting copies of the current constitution were passed around and amended by those in attendance. The editing of the new Group Guidelines will be completed by Greg W, Bob S and Don P in the near future and made ready to be presented at the next meeting where the document will be put to the vote.

As the current group is now two years of age the process of bringing in new Resident Reps was discussed. Greg W raised a concern that given the informal nature of our group as it is nowadays, it could be difficult to hold elections being a formal process as we have done in the past, mainly convened by the Council. A sub-committee will meeting and discuss possible procedures that would best suit our Group. This work will dovetail into to new Group Guidlines document. The sub-committee comprises of Greg W, Bob S and Don P but other RR's of Cr Jennie B would be welcome to pitch in. 

Port Jackson tree surgery on oval
Don P spoke about the recent concern and work done on this significant tree just to the north of the grand stand. The tree is rated as "medium risk" after lopping of some large limbs. Council will be landscaping around the tree to discourage people sitting or playing on or near the tree. Don's blog is worth a read.


Jeff E [President Goodwood Cricket Club] mentioned that the club is now one of the biggest cricket clubs in Australia. Quite a feat. The season ends this weekend and he is happy about the playing achievements of the teams this season. Three twilight matches were played under lights this season.

John F reports that the application to obtain a liquor license is progressing. He is in possession of paperwork that is needing a read and signing off so that the matter can go to the next stage. At some stage soon we expect the process of community consultation will begin. By having a license Goodwood Saints Tennis Club would sell and serve drinks to be consumed in a designated area and that revenue would be raised in those sales. From a residents point of view there has never been any reports of alcohol related anti-social behaviour and with the Club obtaining a license no increased likelihood of anti-social behaviour is expected. 

The tree marked for removal in Agyle Avenue has not yet been removed. Residents received a letter from the Council regarding this matter recently.

A net was stolen from the front courts recently. A replacement net was supplied by Tennis SA.

Don P will seek assistance from GSFC to have representation at future GORG meetings.  

Next meeting June 8, 2016.