June 8, 2016
GORG minutes

  • guidelines update
  • new rep for GSFC
  • tree management
  • tennis club liquor license updatePresent:

Jeff Emmel [Goodwood Cricket Club]
Cr. Bob Schnell
Greg Willson [RR]
Chris Gates [GSFC]
Cr. Jennie Boisvert
Cr. Don Palmer
John Friend [Tennis SA Millswood Tennis Complex]
John Wilkinson [Council]
Katia Ferrar [RR]



Kent Thiele
Joy Mundy


4.1 Minutes from previous meeting

4.2 New group guidelines document

4.3 Recent unauthorised use of hockey ground by fitness group

4.4 New GSFC rep

4.5 Trees

4.6 Liquor license application Tennis club

4.7 Club reports

4.8 Other business


4.1 Minutes from previous meeting viewable on GORG website. Accepted. No discussion.
4.2 Cr Bob S and Greg Willson to meet 14 June to review document.
4.3 Discussed.
4.4 GORG welcomes GSFC President Mr Chris Gates. Previous club representative Mr Peter Hoskins was thanked in his absence for his attendance and contributions over many years.
4.5 Moreton Bay tree on oval has been trimmed but children will be discouraged from climbing on tree due to on-going safety concerns. More info please follow Cr Don Palmer’s blog.
4.6 The liquor license application is underway for the Goodwood Saints Tennis Club. Residents have received a letter from the club along with the Notice of Application. A hearing will take place July 8.
4.7 Club reports given verbally.
4.8 John W [Council] spoke on the progress of the Improvement Plan. The final plans for the redevelopment for the croquet club and bowls club is still under discussion. John W also spoke of the plans for hockey to find a new home base. Representations are underway at state government level.

Next meeting Sept 7, 2016.