Goodwood Oval Reference Group
Meeting Minutes 7pm 7 June 2017
Present: Katia Ferrar [RR], Joy Mundy [RR], Greg Wilson [RR] John Friend [Goodwood Saints Tennis Club], Kent Thiele [Tennis SA] Peter Schembri [Hockey], Jeff Emmel [Cricket] Cr Bob Schnell, Cr Jennie Boisvert Cr Don Palmer, John Wilkinson [Council]
Apologies: Nil

Items Discussed:

  • Minutes of previous meeting, March 2017, posted on website.
  • Group recognized many years of service & contribution of Mr Peter Hoskin to the GORG & Goodwood Saints Football club. Recommend a permanent memorial, in conjunction with GSFC & Unley Council. GW to action.
  • Tennis SA & Millswood Complex Update [K Thiele]. 
    • Current management agreement to end 29 June 2017. Tennis SA will assume control 30 June 2017
    • Tennis SA gave presentation to council 7 June re new management structure
    • “Tennis World” model, a co-operation of Tennis Australia with Tennis SA
    • Goodwood Saints Tennis club to maintain security of tenure
    • Public use of front courts to continue
    • Thank you to Ben Milner & John Friend
    • Liquor license to be held in abeyance.
  • DP detailed draft budget for proposed re-development.
  • Club reports : Cricket, Hockey & Tennis gave verbal reports.
  • No application from GSFC re training extension hours, note Cr JB excused herself from discussion & left room.
  • Other business : Grandstand upgrade update by John Wilkinson [Council]. They plans to upgrade the grandstand are well underway. Council has already set aside $250k for the project. Council wants this project to be "shovel ready" before the next state election in early 2018. There are four possible scenarios. One favoured. One as a fall back in case state govt does not assist with funding. Council has applied for a grant from the Dept of Sports & recteation for $470k for this project. The following info is pubically readable from the Unley Council website. At the right time community consultation wil; take place. In the meantime interested parties can read through the attached documents at to what is under consideration.

Next Meeting : 10 September 2017, Tennis Clubrooms
Meeting Closed : 8:05pm

Further reading:
Unley Council Grandstand Report J Wilkinson

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Grandstand concept drawing