Goodwood Oval Reference Group

Meeting Minutes 7pm 6 December 2017
Katia Ferrar [RR], Joy Mundy [RR], Glen Watson [RR], Greg Willson {RR]
Jacqui Dun [Tennis World] Kent Thiele [Tennis SA]
Peter Schembri [Hockey], Jeff Emmel [Cricket] Chris Gates [GSFC]
Cr Jennie Boisvert , Cr Bob Schnell, Cr Don Palmer
Apologies: John W [council]

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Items Discussed

Minutes of previous meeting, Sept 2017, posted on website.

Tennis World [new name for tennis facility]

New coach is Mr Anthony Wayne. Club is rebuilding membership after ecent management changes. Renovatiuons starting next week on interior. Two tournaments will be held in January. These are for semi-professional players. 

Goodwood Oval Grandstand

State government through Dept of Rec & Sport has committed $2.5M for the project. Work must commence in the near future [e.g. as early as April 2018]. Chris Gates [GSFC] expressed concerns about how teams will cope with the disruption for one or two seasons during the build.

Advanced plans will be made public during February or March 2018.  

Councillors are generally happy with these recent developments.


Peter Schembri reoprts that the plans for the new home for Forestville Hockey Club have been accelerated with lots of political lobbying taking place. The new grounds are planned to house Sturt Lacrosse Club, Cumberland United Womens Football Club and Forestville Hockey Club. The complex to be developed at the corner of Ayliffes & Shephers Hill Roads, St Marys.


Chris Gates [GSFC] Restates his concern about how next season will be conducted while the grandstand will render Goodwood Oval unusable. New coaches have been been appointed to B & C grades. The overall perfoamnce for the club was satisfactory for season 2017.


Jeff Emmell reported that the pitch was in good condition after another short period of recovery after the football season. 

Other Business

Greg W [RR] reads out email from John Wilkinson [council] regarding status of developments at Tennis World and the redevelopment of the Goodwood Oval grandstand.

Tennis management agreement is yet to be finalised. Council wanting Tennis SA to settle in with the running of Goodwood. Council is working on budgetting and upgrading lighting of southern courts as part of a planned upgrade. Tennis SA and State Government are expected to make financial contribution to ths work with more information expected on this in April.


John W re-iterates that funding for the project has been secured and work must commence sooner rather than later [as stated $2.5M from State Govt and $950k from Council]. See Council minutes here. Two importants steps will occue in the near future. 

  1. Finalise plans & designs
  2. Go to community consultation

Cr. B Schnell suggested that Tennis could make an offer of assistance to Football & Cricket during the disruption from the granstand building work. 

Peter Schembri [hockey] report confusion over Hockey's power bills. Unsure of who pays for what. Has known of this issue for 10 years apparently. Peter states metering and charging is totaly confusing.

Jeff Emmell [cricket[ thanks Greg & Joy [RRs] for minutes and chairing.

Next Meeting :  7 March 2018, Tennis Clubrooms
Meeting Closed : 7:40 pm