Goodwood Oval Reference Group
Items for discussion

7 March 2018, 7.00pm,
Tennis SA Millswood Complex




PRESENT: Greg W RR, Cr Don P., Kent T Tennis SA, Jacqui D Tennisworld, John W Council, Monica Raphael visitor, Chris Gates GSFC, Cr Jenni B, Peter S Hockey, Jeff E Cricket, Glen RR, Joy M RR, Katia F RR, Phil J RR, Michael R RR.{jcomments on}


APOLOGIES: Bob Schnell



1. Minutes from previous meeting [now viewable on website] PASSED

2. Storage pod issue under trees near hockey club DISCUSSED: Pod to be removed September 2018. The pod was not large enough according to council regulations to trigger consultation and was approved by Council’s property manager. Pod will be replaced with a smaller version when one becomes available & to be placed in line with hockey building.

3. Request to identify & review change to authorisation procedures for grounds usage of other sporting clubs. DISCUSSED: Apart from permanent clubs the only other club is a casual user, the Unley United Soccer Club who are the users of the new storage pod. They have been using the hockey ground at night for about 4 years. 

4. Goodwood Oval grandstand project [Community Consultation] DISCUSSED: Consultation closing soon. Further scrutiny will be applied with council Development Assessment panel [Category 3] with final decision on design to be decided April meeting. Discussed possibility of new facility being used for private functions. Chris [GSFC] said there are no plans to have such functions. No indication from the cricket club as to plan for functions. Cr Jenni B suggested that there is a possibility that the new facility could be used for appropriate daytime activities such as yoga or bridge. Noted that the plan appears to have a commercial kitchen that is not large and would not cater for a large function room as indicated on the concept drawings. Phil J [RR] remarked that it appears that the new building has a footprint that is 100 sq. mtr larger than present building. Phil also concerned that the look of the new building may not have a heritage feel which is a requirement of the housing in the zone. John W will check with architect about the retention of the mounds either side of building. John W suggested that an Open Day be held soon to flesh out any other community concerns before final decisions are made. Michael R [RR] raised his objection about the revised design to place a satellite storage shed to help with space utilisation of new main building. As storage shed is undesirable/unacceptable review of storage to be undertaken by cricket & football clubs. AFL may also submit ideas.

5. GSFC application for change to lighting hours. DISCUSSED: Joy M [RR] disappointed that southern side of Meredith Ave did not receive recent letter from GSFC President Craig Scott. Michael R expressed his view that general communication from clubs re events has dropped off over past year or so. RR feedback on proposal not positive [Joy]. Glen is not sure of proposal. Has doubts that more use will degrade the ground. Chris agreed. Chris also mentioned that 2016 was a very bad year due to excessive rain and the playing surface suffered but last season it was very good. John W [council] met today with Craig Scott [Pres GSFC] and council asset manager and summarised GSFC application is going for the maximum the club can get in extra hours under lights based on projected needs over the next few years. Katia F [RR and dog walker] concerned about lack of access during training sessions. Chris G [GSFC] suggested that after 7pm on training nights access is much easier as some teams have finished their sessions. Phil J [RR] stated that the same issues still exist from the club’s 2010 application and the President’s letter came in too late. John W says that over 150 submissions have been received so far. Council will have a special “capped” meeting late April to review application. Cr Don P voiced his concern along the same lines as others re poor communication perhaps because of the sudden influx of funds that there is no pressure to be good local citizens anymore. Cited the recent 20/20 cricket match where councillors were not invited to attend despite being mentioned on cricket’s website. Apologies given immediately by Jeff E [Cricket].

6. Club reports REPORTED: Jacqui [Tennis] internal upgrade of tennis club is now complete. New member numbers are increasing. Jeff [Cricket] reports growing numbers with 14 junior sides and 7 senior sides. Utilising local other grounds to cater for team training and games. Season finishes in 2 weeks. Club is having a trip to Ireland for 42 people mid-year. Peter S [Hockey] $9M granted for new playing fields with DPTI depositing $1M into Memorial Fund. Expected 2 to 2.5 years before a playing surface will be finished such is the amount of remediation work required on the site. Locally the usage of kids teams practice and playing will continue as usual. Peter responded to bad behaviour from last Saturday night. The offending people were ordered inside before the evening finished. As the culprits were not individually identified the whole team was reprimanded at training this week and reminded about the standard of behaviour the club expects from its members. Peter suggested that the GORG website publishes emergency contact numbers for the clubs in case of such events in future. Chris G [GSFC] club is busy with pre-season and is keen to start matches next month.
7. Other business DISCUSSED: Cr Jenny B has requested from council grant funding to pro-actively commence community consultation in preparation for the departure of hockey from the complex expected in 2 years.

NEXT MEETING: time/date/venue CONFIRMED: June 6.