Goodwood Oval Reference Group
Items for Minutes of Meeting

6 June 2018, 7.00pm,
Tennis SA Millswood Complex


Chair: Joy Mundy




PRESENT: Greg W RR, Cr Don P., Kent T Tennis SA, Jacqui D Tennisworld, John W Council, Chris Gates GSFC, Cr Jenni B, Peter S Hockey, Jeff E Cricket, Warwick Potts Cricket, Glen RR, Joy M RR, Katia F RR, Phil J RR.



 APOLOGIES: Cr. B. Schnell / RR Glen Watson / RR Michael Raphael



1. Minutes from previous meeting - published on website. No discussion.

2. Update - grandstand building project [J Wilkinson Council]. John said Council received 100 responses, were generally positive towards the project [see PDF download below of Council update mailed 7/5/18]. John stated he met with GSFC C. Scott today who stated that current liquor licensing arrangements will stand and the club has no plans to change them. Also the external storage plans will not happen. Toilets will remain within the footprint of the design. Tenders are currently being sought by the Council for architecture services [closing June]. Building is expected to commence on 2019. RR Philip Jaensch moved that residents are bought in earlier with communication rather than later. The idea being that issues are flushed out before it becomes expensive for any parties. The project is a Cat 3 and the current period of consultation is 4 months. Next round of consultation to be more detailed to flush out any new concerns. Warwick P for Cricket spoke of one day being able to host end of season events in-house which currently does not happen. John W indicated that they could break ground maybe Aug-Sep 2019.

3. Results of recent traffic survey - Cr J Boisvert. A traffic survey was conducted end of last year amongst residents, see catchment area in PDF attachment below. The issue being investigated is work day parking in streets near the Goodwood tram stop. During these times the affected streets are at 80% occupancy. Jennie stated that she encourages concerned residents to make a deputation at the next Council meeting in July. Cr Palmer has recently requested that council starts enforcing match day parking rules and issuing fines. Resident permits will be under consideration in the affected areas as a possible solution. 

4. Review - recent Council Assessment Panel meeting May 29, GSFC application to change hours of lighting. Council recently passed the application to increase hours of lighting for GSFC. Chris G [GSFC] suggests new hours could take place during this season. The application was contested by a group of residents. Cr Boisvert stated that after speaking with people on the night it was likely the decision would be appealed. RR Philip Jaencsh described how feelings of locals could have been different had there been more information been forthcoming from GSFC. Had locals been informed what teams are planned for to play or train in the scheduled lighted hours there would have been a more positive attitude towards the application. With the lack of information it was felt there might have been an underlying motive to schedule events that would bring lots of parking and disturbance issues such as seniors fixtures into the new hours. Chris G said that female training or games will now be more likely with the new hours and that seniors games [e.g. on a Friday night] would be unlikely due to difficulties at League level and with other clubs. Philip J said that had that information been public the locals would have been more supportive. Philip J stated that a tweet on the Twitter account of GSFC [May 29] was in poor taste and inflammatory. Cr Palmer said that resident speakers heard at council on the night of the application hearing were impressive.

5. Club reports. Tennis SA - another tournament to be held in August. More use of Millswood complex because of major works underway at Memorial Drive. Hockey - report given by Peter Schembri. Cricket - new president Warwick Potts. Warwick stated that one of the training nets has been condemned and needs to be fixed before next season. The club had over 300 members last season. GSFC - season underway with teams performing as expected. Question from RR Joy M re location of proposed electronic scoreboard. Would this be part of the major building project of be treated as a separate project?

6. Other business. John W [council] stated that the program Fund My Neighbourhood will not be continuing. Cr Palmer stated that one of the globes on the south western corner is out of alignment. RR Katia stated that there was a lot of rubbish of least weeks Saturday game and that bins near clubrooms are always full and not emptied in good time.

NEXT MEETING: September 5 , 2018.