Goodwood Oval Reference Group - Minutes
5 September 2018 7.00pm Tennis SA Millswood Complex
Chair: Greg Willson Minutes : Joy Mundy

Unley Council: John Wilkinson
Unley Councillors: Cr Bob Schnell Cr Jennie Boisvert Cr Don Palmer
Resident Representatives: Glen Watson, Joy Mundy, Philip Jaensch, Greg Willson
Goodwood Saints Football Club: Chris Gates
Tennis World: Jacqui Dunn
Forestville Hockey Club: Kathy Frith 

Ben Willsmore, Katia Ferrar, Michael Raphael, Jeff Emmel, Kent Thiele, Peter Schembri
Minutes from previous meeting - published on website. No discussion.
Welcome Ben Willsmore postponed, unable to attend. BW to replace JW as John is leaving to take up a position with another council. Thank you to John for contribution to GORG.

4.3 Discussion of grandstand building project – Chris G [GSFC] informed meeting that football & cricket clubs are to meet with the architect (Whitshire + Swain) Monday 10 September. Cr Don P indicated that the architects have produced revised/reworked plans to ensure plans meet budget requirements. Community consultation will occur during Cat 3 process, an open day will be part of process. Motion moved a request be made that GORG participate in meeting scheduled 10/9 prior to commencing Cat 3 process to ensure all residents’ concerns are considered in final plans. Note; residents primary concerns are with the exterior presentation of building & environs. John W to speak with Ben W Thursday 6 September. Cr Don P to speak with Unley CEO re concerns of paving and construction materials in keeping with heritage area requirements. No time frame for commencement of works.

4.4 Cr J Boisvert reported on recent developments re plans to reduce commuter parking. Review of process expected in 6 months. RR Joy M indicated that oval green waste bin in car park appears to be a permanent feature and uses 2 – 3 car park spaces. Can other arrangements be made? Cr Jennie B to investigate.

4.5 Club reports presented from football & hockey. Football & cricket clubs now holding joint operational meetings. GSFGC have raised $13000 in their charity fundraising this year. Hockey indicated no action re move to Women’s Memorial Playing Fields has occurred due to change of government, discussions/meetings will be ongoing. No move before 2020 expected. Tennis SA reported on current activities. Currently 311 members; Tennis tournaments September 15-16 & 22-23. Open day 14 October 10 – 1pm. Local residents to be notified by letterbox, contact phone number to be included in future.

4.6 Cr Jennie B advised that Unley Council has provided money [$10k] to repair two cricket practice nets.  

Increase in light usage (hours) proposal is currently with ERD court. Mediation between Goodwood Saints Football Club and residents is also currently before the court. Light spillover into residential properties will be corrected with LED globe replacement.

DP indicated that a development application for the new scoreboard has been made but rejected due to lack of information by Unley Planning Dept, therefore not ready for cat 3 notification. Placement of scoreboard still under consideration.

Kathy F [hockey] recommended that Unley United Soccer Club be invited to GORG meetings as they are regular users of oval facilities. Further discussion required on this.

NEXT MEETING: 7pm 5 December Tennis SA Millswood Complex