Goodwood Oval Reference Group - Minutes
5 December 2018 7.00pm Tennis SA Millswood Complex
Chair: Joy Mundy Minutes : Greg Willson

Unley Councillors: Cr Jennie Boisvert Cr Don Palmer
Resident Representatives: Joy Mundy, Greg Willson, Katia F
Goodwood Saints Football Club: Chris Gates
Tennis World: Jacqui Dunn
Goodwood Cricket Club: Jeff Emmell
Forestville Club Hockey: Peter S
Observer: Bob Schnell

Apologies: Ben Willsmore [council], RR Phil J, Kent T [Tennis SA]

Items for discussion:

4.1 Minutes from last meeting: no discussion.

4.2 Discuss Council election results. Crs Boisvert & Palmer congratulated on being re-elected and garnering the highest amount of votes respectively.

4.3 Discuss clubrooms building project. Calls for feedback closed today [5/12]. The recent Open Day was held at the oval November 24th and received 44 comments from visitors. The event was hosted by representatives from the Council, the architects and planning consultants, our local councillors {Palmer & Boisvert], MP Jayne Stinson as well as representatives from the cricket & football clubs. A project update is attached from the council written by Ben Willsmore [manager of city design]. Cr Don Palmer stated that after the open day his overall feeling from talking to the locals was that the main concerns relate to liquor licensing and increasing useage of the facility.  An email from GSFC President was then read out by RR Greg Willson that speaks to scope of the design and future use:

Clubroom Development

It is with great interest that we note a flyer that has been placed in residents letter boxes with the heading ‘Did you know’. This flyer is not from the City of Unley and the author has not had the courage to put their name on the flyer. This project has been widely publicised with the local community and has been in the planning process for over 2 years. You can’t have a grandstand and new clubrooms in the one facility and comply with everything that now needs to go into the new complex – eg: four change rooms.

The grandstand is hardly used during summer and mainly on wet days in winter. The clubrooms are tired, smell and the costs to upgrade the facility far outweigh the costs to build a new complex. The main focus of the new facility is to provide changing facilities for girls and women which currently cannot be facilitated. The ground floor must have four change rooms and therefore sets the type of layout. The upstairs club room is 10 square metres bigger than the current club room. The liquor license is for 150 people and will not change, the licensing hours will not change, we will not be installing pokies, the noise within the clubrooms will be drastically reduced and the club will not be hired out for any other group. It will only be used for football or cricket related functions. Other than having a club room that doesn’t smell, leak, have mould, concrete cancer, asbestos, no meeting room, poor trainers facilities and a disgraceful kitchen – there will be little or no change for both clubs. We will just have a far better facility to utilise. Large functions will still need to be held offsite due to the size of the club room. We have no more room space (in numbers) than what we currently have.

I will be sending out a letter to all residents to advise our intentions and to open the communication lines for any issues.

Peter S for hockey said that with the club's departure imminent in a year or two this will bring a decrease in visitations to the complex and this should be taken into account overall.

4.4 Discuss oval lights appeal re modified times. The Environment, Resources and Development (ERD) Court has approved the application to the compromise useage. Taken from Council CAP minutes for October 2018:

That the Environment Resources and Development Court be advised that regarding Development Application 090/845/2017/C3 – Goodwood Oval, 1 Curzon Avenue, Millswood that the Council Assessment Panel supports the compromise subject subject to the following conditions:

1. The Development herein approved shall be undertaken in accordance with all plans, drawings, specifications and other documents submitted to Council and forming part of the relevant Development Application except where varied by conditions set out below (if any) and the development shall be undertaken to the satisfaction of Council.

2. That conditions, where pertinent, of any development decisions in respect to the original overall development (Development Application No 090/1011/2007/NC) shall be complied with to the reasonable satisfaction of Council at all times.

3. The use of the lighting system shall be restricted to the following hours:

5:00pm to 8.30pm Tuesday;
5:00pm to 8.00pm Wednesday;
5:00pm to 8.30pm Thursday;
5:00pm to 8.00pm Friday; and
5.00pm to 9.00pm Saturday (game nights only)

4. That a maximum of seven (7) games per annum shall be played at the Oval on Friday nights, with the games to be concluded and the lights to be turned off no later than 8.00pm.

5. That a maximum of five (5) games per annum shall be played at the Oval on Saturday nights, with the games to be concluded and the lights to be turned off no later than 9:00pm.

6. Of the 12 games per annum to be held on Friday or Saturday nights, 8 of these games must be played by junior or C7 (players with integration difficulties) teams.

7. Senior sides may train on a Wednesday night on 3 occasions per annum only.

Lastly some more comments from the email from Pres. C Scott on the subject of lighting.

We are looking at replacing the lamps with either LED or the same lamps – there is a considerable difference in costs. The lights were installed 10 years ago and the light intensification has diminished by approx. 20 – 25%. LED lighting will reduce costs in the long run and provide a more sustainable light flux over the years. We have applied for a grant and the lights will be upgrades is we are successful in winning the grant. This will have no impact on the local residents – in fact if the lights are upgrade we will be able to ensure no light spillage due to re-aligning one of the lights.

Update from Council General info on project


4.5 Discuss latest in electronic scoreboard

From Pres C. Scott [GSFC] email:

The DA has been completed with only two submissions received and both favourable. The site has been agreed to (near the ground staff shed) and the tenders have been received and evaluated. Engineers reports are in progress for building approval. Construction at this stage is thought to be late January possibly February 2019.

Read about the decision and approval here.

4.6 Club reports received from Jacqui [Tennis World], Peter S [Hockey], Jeff E [Cricket], Chris G [GSFC]. .

4.7 Greg Willson thanked Mr Bob Schnell for his services to GORG over many years and his advice therein.

Next meeting March 6, 2019