Goodwood Oval Reference Group,
4 June 2014, 7pm, Tennis SA


PRESENT: Joy Mundy, Peter Hosking, Cr Bob Schnell, Cr Don Palmer, Cr Jennie Boisvert, John Friend, Greg W, Glenn Watson, John Wilkinson, Glen Watson, Geoff, Katia F

APOLOGIES: Peter Schembri (Hockey club), Kent Thiele (Tennis SA)


Minutes from previous meeting [] no issues.

Update on Goodwood Oval/Millswood Sporting Complex Improvement Plan (John W)
Extensive community engagement is now complete with the findings of this engagement informing the development of the draft improvement plan. A first draft is with Administration for consideration and is currently subject to change. The document will include project and site background information; considerations, profiles and analysis; key findings and an improvement plan for each site including a series of recommendations, indicative costing and concept plans for Council's consideration.


The improvement plan report is anticipated to be presented for endorsement at the Council meeting on 28 July 2014. If endorsed the next stages of this project will include detailed design and further engagement with the community and user groups.

Club reports
GSFC: Senior side is currently top of Division 1.
B grade is also doing well and will finish strong this season.

Cricket: 2nd side won premiership last season. Overall it was a good season for the club. The A2 final was held at Goodwood Oval and all sides were delighted with the condition of the pitch. The club recently commemorated members that had been active players for 15 years or more. They had 40. Geoff expressed his gratitude with the ongoing excellent grounds work from Mike and his team.

Tennis: John was excited that the centre was on the Ch9 news this night featuring his clutch of high ranking juniors. He and his coach Ben Milner are proud that 3 of the top 30 juniors in Australia come from Tennis SA Millswoood Complex. New windbreaks are ready to be hung around the perimeter next school holidays.

Other business
questions from Cr Bob Schnell: lighting for hockey pitch. John W. Council notes that in the Development Plan the hockey club will need improve illumination on the playing area.
2. the normal funding arrangements for projects [a third of a project cost is funding by the club, a third by the council and a third by State Govt] can be too onerous on some smaller clubs in our area. Cr Schnell asks that this be reflected in the final development report. John W for council stated that council should not be expected to pay for every project. 3. Cr Schnell enquired about the progress of the liquor license being sought be Tennis SA for the Millswood Complex. John F for Tennis said that the issue is still being debated internally at Tennis SA head office. John also noted that the lease on the centre is up for renewal and negotiatians are under way.

NEXT MEETING: September 3, 2014 at Tennis SA.

thanks to John at Tennis SA for use of meeting room and contribution of wine.


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