Important update on ground usage


Please read the attached letter circulated last week to residents in these streets: Chelmsford, Curzon, Allenby, Fairfax, Argyle and Hackett.

In short, the training and playing schedule as of now will be: 

Last week the CAP [Council Assessment Panel] met to hear submissions from residents and to decide on the final plans that were made available for viewing of the rebuild of the Goodwood Oval grandstand. The meeting went for over two hours and my impression from the meeting was that council should have been left with no doubt that the Millswood residents living closely to the grandstand suffer from time to time with the impacts of being so close to busy, sometimes loud, sometimes very annoying successful football and cricket clubs.

After an adjournment where the proponents were asked to consider a small trimming of the amount of usage to the fcacility the overall project was passed.

Today I received another email from GSFC President Craig Scott who met very recently with concerned residents. From that meeting The clubs have put into writing the standards they intend to uphold with regards to behaviours and general conduct. Like the previous communication this is worth a read as it is basically a template for future reference.

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Attached newsletter was letterboxed last week from GSFC outlining their latest issues. Please read to get a good idea of what is happening over at our oval. The end of the letter reads:

I’d just like to reiterate that if you have any queries or concerns about any aspects of the Goodwood Saints Football Club, please contact me in the first instance. I’m always available for any enquiries. My best contact is
and I’ll attempt to get back to you at my earliest convenience.

Remember, we’re more than a football club, we’re part of the community — your community.


Craig Scott
Mob: 0420 931 783

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Throughout this site "Cat 3" is often mentioned in relation to development applications that are before the council. What is a Cat 3?

Following is lifted from

As reported in the winter edition of the Unley Life magazine, the State Government Fund My Neighbourhood grant program gives local residents the ability to nominate neighbourhood improvement programs. 

One successful idea that has been funded by the Unley Council is a new electronic scoreboard. Attracting 253 votes the project will proceed with the backing of $65,000 from the scheme.

The article on page seven states

The local community will be provided with a state-of-the-art electronic scoreboard complete with video capability, which will enhance playing, spectator and community experience.

Visit for more information about the other Fund My Neighbourhood projects.

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Forestville Hockey Club will vacate the Goodwood Oval Complex in a couple of years. Their new home will be built at the Women's Memorial Playing Grounds - St Marys.

Local Councillor Cr Jennie Boisvert along with Cr Don Palmer have requested a budget in next year's Council budget to start the process of obtaining feedback from local users of the Goodwood Oval. The area being vacated will be the hockey ground, corner Argyle Avenue and Fairfax Ave. There is a two story club house next to the ground which may or may not continue to exist.

This ground is one of the loveliest spaces within the complex. It is less open than the football ground, popular with the dog owners and used by parents of youngsters who need a bit of supervision. It is a classic multi-use space.

Please leave your suggestion. If you are connected with one of the clubs you are encouraged to say so.


As we all know the Goodwood Saints Football Club is a very successful local club. This success puts pressure on the usage of Goodwood Oval. As headlined in this weeks Eastern Courier the club is need of an extra night of training to ease space pressure.

More detailed documents received today that imparts more information about the current application for Goodwood Saints Tennis Club to acquire a license to sell and serve drinks on the premises.