Last night [Nov 5] The DAP [Development Assessment Panel] of the Unley Council met speciically to discuss and decide on the controversial Vodafone communications tower within the Goodwood Oval Complex. The meeting took took two hours to discuss and finally vote on. The panel heard submissions from local residents;


Paul McIntosh

Julie Farrer

Anton Lugna

Philip Jaensch

Tim Murton

Barry Davey

Graham Hatchard

and finally Lynette Bradwood from Vodafone.

The panel reviewed the points raised and the rebuttals from Lynette Bradwood and a motion was put by Mr Roger Freeman to refuse the proposal which was carried unanimously. 

The following pics were made and presented by concerned local resident Philip Jaensch who spoke against the proposal. His detailed presentation got the attention of the panel as he ably illustrated the visual impact of the very large structure.
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