Last week the CAP [Council Assessment Panel] met to hear submissions from residents and to decide on the final plans that were made available for viewing of the rebuild of the Goodwood Oval grandstand. The meeting went for over two hours and my impression from the meeting was that council should have been left with no doubt that the Millswood residents living closely to the grandstand suffer from time to time with the impacts of being so close to busy, sometimes loud, sometimes very annoying successful football and cricket clubs.

After an adjournment where the proponents were asked to consider a small trimming of the amount of usage to the fcacility the overall project was passed.

Today I received another email from GSFC President Craig Scott who met very recently with concerned residents. From that meeting The clubs have put into writing the standards they intend to uphold with regards to behaviours and general conduct. Like the previous communication this is worth a read as it is basically a template for future reference.

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