The Goodwood Saints Tennis Club, the tenants who manage tennis activities for Tennis SA Millswood Complex, have underway a liquor license application as part of a plan to improve and upgrade the facilities for players and visitors. Residents recently received this paperwork in their letterboxes.

Our normal peace and quiet this Sunday morning was shattered by a fitness group with doof-doof music going through our walls and a women instructor blasting out on the PA. This commotion started before 9am and continued for an hour. Did they seek permission for this activity? Should we have to put up with this racket? Are they aware of the disturbance they created? 

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Last night [Nov 5] The DAP [Development Assessment Panel] of the Unley Council met speciically to discuss and decide on the controversial Vodafone communications tower within the Goodwood Oval Complex. The meeting took took two hours to discuss and finally vote on. The panel heard submissions from local residents;

{jcomments on}Reported in Adelaide Now today we read that a proposal to build a mobile phone tower on the eastern side of the Mount Osmond Golf Club. Reading the link below the interesting point of objection is not that the locals were "against towers", but the choice of location. Like the concerns of many residents of Millswood and users of Goodwood Oval the big question is, why here? Pic on the right is the rejected tower.   

This week the Council mailed to all residents notice of a development application to install a telecommunications tower within the grounds of the Goodwood Oval. This promises to be a lively issue and the job of this website for now is to give you, the local resident a voice on the topic. Please note vitriolic posts will never see the light of day and I ask that as this debate builds we all keep a cool head and try to be constructive in the comments we post. Also remember our DAP has an excellent record of knowing whats best for the locals of this area.

Here are some links to help you attain more knowledge of this current issue.

Unley Council Public Notices

Cr Don Palmer's blog

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Unley Oval issues

Could this happen to us? In the Messenger this week shows Council and consultants at loggerheads over what should happen with the Unley Oval upgrade. Lets hope we can avoid this situation from developing.

Our vigilant Councillors, Jennie Boisvert & Don Palmer have sent out their informative circular for January 2014 outlining local issues and we seek your comments regarding the "Improvement Plan for Goodwood Oval & Millswood Lawns". The newsletter states:

The tender will soon be let to undertake this study. The recent collection of information from clubs during the Community Assets Review will be used to inform the work. This survey indicated that there was a need for a synthetic hockey pitch [with lighting], an expansion of the area for croquet, more room for SASMEE Park and a community garden. The study will also be seeking your views".

Have your say below. We need your comments.